STAAR Daily Workout-Getting our math Fitness On!

I love having resources that can be used in many ways.  I'm all about flexibility and creativity.
STAAR Daily Workout is a great resource that can just about be used any way you like.  The goal is to get mentally fit for the state assessment.  Let's take a look how we can use STAAR Daily Workout.

STAAR Daily Workout has 20 questions.  Each question is 1/2 page in size.  This is perfect to build a study book for each student.  The covers are gender specific.  This allows you to make all the girls a book and the boys their own books.  The booklet covers come in color and black/white for printing ease.

Other ideas:
  • Use each question as task cards.  Display the cards around the room and have student rotate to solve the problems.  A recording sheet is included.
  • Use in tutoring or small group instruction.  Pick a problem or two to focus on.  
  • Laminate and place in learning stations for students to work on in groups or with a partner.
  • Use as morning work or problem of the day.
  • Use as exit slips to end your class.
 Download- STAAR Daily Workout

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