The Benefits of Student Engagement Activities

Keeping students engaged can be difficult.  It can be even more difficult to come up with unique and creative ways to keep the engagement going day after day.  However, student engagement activities are critical and a vital factor of every classroom.  There are so many benefits that come from simply implementing activities throughout the day.

I have shared these interactive engagement activity strips with you many, many months ago.  It never hurts to revisit them.

I laminated the engagement strips and placed them on a metal ring.  If you ever need a quick activity to spice up your lesson, just grab the 30 Interactive Engagement Activities on a ring.   All the activities are easy to use.   Hang them on your board or by your small group table for quick use.

The benefits:
If students are not paying attention and absorbed in the lesson, they will find some other things to be interested in.  We want students to be focused, eager and on task at all times.  But you know what?  That is so hard when the topic isn't so interesting.  Let's make those topics fun and engaging.  I have 30 ideas on a ring that will help your students be active participants in the lesson.  When students are engaged in the lesson and actively listening and actively learning, then students will be more apt to recall the information.  Students will store the information in their long term memory simply because they touched it, they experienced it and because they lived it.  

Other benefits:  Students with attention deficit disorders will be active.  This is just what they need.  They need to have opportunities to get up and move.  Students will look forward to your class and your activities.  We want students to enjoy school and enjoy learning.

Let's deliver the highest quality educational experience in the classroom.

Did you know this?  
Research shows that the average young adolescent's attention span is between 8 and 14 minutes.  Are you expecting your students to pay attention for 45-60 minutes without moving, talking and interacting?  It is possible they aren't retaining the information.

Let's create more active classrooms.

Download 30 Interactive Engagement Activities 

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