A Principal Entry Plan- A Sample Plan

Have you heard of a Principal Entry Plan?  Let me explain what it is...

A Principal Entry Plan is a document given to the campus staff, community parents and stakeholders explaining your vision and plans for the school year.  It can be simple or it can be very detailed.  It can be created by the principal or by a committee.

Why do you need a Principal Entry Plan?  
1.  You might be asked for one when interviewing for a position.
2.  It helps alleviate all of the worries and uncertainty when a school is changing leadership.
3.  If detailed, it can explain your goals and offer a timeline to achieve the goals.  It can also list who is responsible for achieving these goals.

A Sample Principal Entry Plan- A Must See

Are you preparing for a principal interview?  This may be needed.  If not, it is a good plan to have ready for your new staff when you land the perfect job!

This Principal Entry Plan is in the Interview Packet.


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Data Driven Roadmap for School Leaders

Being a data-driven school leader is a must.  Using data consistently, ensures the rigor of instruction is being implemented.  What is rigor?  My definition of rigor is... students reaching success with consistent high standards.  These standards are appropriately challenging...not too hard...not too easy.   

Successful data driven instruction depends on 4 key areas- a vision for success, measurable goals, data is analyzed, and responding to the needs of the students.

School principals must provide a clear vision as to how instruction should be addressed. If the teachers don't know your direction, they are wondering down an unknown path.

  Examples of what we can do: 
  • Instruction is regularly discussed.
  • Professional development is aligned to the campus needs.
  • Instructional strategies are being discussed, developed and implemented campus-wide.
  • A Systematic Plan is in place. The plan addresses the campus vision, goals, data analysis and response to intervention.

Are the goals understood and consistently mentioned over the school year? Do your teachers know what the goals are this year? Our goals should be focused on our critical needs of the students within the school.

Examples of what we can do: 
  • Goals are posted and discussed regularly at faculty meetings and displayed in our data rooms.
  • Our goals address our most critical needs.
  • Our goals specifically indicate who is responsible and how it will be achieved.
  • Data rooms are being created.
  • Staff can explain our goals, as well as, share our steps to meeting them.
  • Students are involved in charting their data.  Parents are informed of their progress. 

Do teachers know which students are struggling and why they are struggling?  Analyzing and interrupting data on a regular basis guarantees progress toward student achievement.  When a principal looks at data, we are not just looking at an individual teacher but the overall progress of the campus.  How did each teacher do in regards to their subject, grade level and student groups?  How did the entire grade level perform?  After you locate the overall information, look deeper into each state standard.  Align instruction and assessments to your data.  Reteach. Reassess. Monitor progress of each student. 

Examples of what we can do:
  • Provide charts to teachers and help them interpret the data.
  • Provide instructional materials to address the needs of the students.
  • Provide assessment calendars and schedule data review meetings.
  • Do teachers know how to run their own data reports?
  • Do teachers know the passing standards for each subject area being assessed?

Implementing the best programs for students in need is critical. Intervention services should not be taken lightly. Our strongest teachers should be serving our most critical students.

Examples of what we can do:
  • Set up a tutoring schedule (before, during, after school)
  • Monitor the selection of students receiving intervention and/or tutoring services.
  • Oversee the intervention curriculum to ensure it is meeting the goals of the students.

Could you use a little extra help with running effective data meetings?  This may help.



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Spring School Slump

Are you all exhausted and need a bit of sunshine on campus?  This is an activity to get you out of the spring slump.  Exhaustion, crying, worry and stress burden the schools at this very time each year.  The entire school could use a little pick me up!  Here's a spin off of Secret Santa. 

It's the Secret Sunshine Exchange.  It is designed to help teachers survive all the spring testing and school events.  We are all overwhelmed.  This can help everyone catch their breath, build teamwork and boost morale.

How it works:  Provide a box for each staff member.  The boxes can be purchased at craft stores or ordered online.  The box is not the most important piece.  It's what's inside the boxes that count.  With that being said, you could use shoe boxes and just decorate them by covering them in nice wrapping paper. You get the idea, right?

The entire staff can participate or opt out.  Hopefully, you will have 100% wanting to join in on the fun!  Send out the poem and questionnaire to all the staff.  Just like Secret Santa...each staff member draws a name.  The Secret Sunshine giver will place one item in the receiver's box each day.  The boxes need to all be located in the same location.  You set the time of day the item must be placed inside the box.   The receiver goes to the location during the day and opens their box and gets a burst of sunshine!  

If you want to have a theme for each day or let it be free choice, is totally up to every school. 

I read a quote on the bottom of an email from a friend (Cara H).  It says this, "Happiness is like jam...You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself."  I love it! 

Spreading joy and happiness makes everyone feel so much better. 

Are you ready to start a Box of Sunshine Exchange?  This item was added to the STAFF AND TEACHER MORAL ACTIVITIES PACKET.    If you own it, just download it to get the updated file.


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4 Reasons Why we should Face our Fear of Failure

To begin this story today, I will be very honest with you.  I don't like to fail.  Not for one minute do I like it.  I'm such a perfectionist that failure just eats at me.  But is that really so bad?  I have learned over my adult years that something good has always come my way after I experienced a set back.  You may think the world's going to end but I promise you that you will survive it.

Here's a story about a big failure that turned into a very profitable company.

Silly Putty was invented by accident.  There was a shortage of rubber in the 1940's.  James Wright, was enlisted to help invent a synthetic rubber.  In one of his attempts to create synthetic rubber, Wright mixed boric acid and silicone oil together.  The mixture of the two created Silly Putty.  Of course, this was not what he was intending to make. However, several years later, it made it to the shelves of a toy store.  The putty was the second best selling item.  Six million units were sold the first year.  This made history as one of the fastest selling toys. 
4 Reasons Why we should Face our Fear of Failure
1.  Failure is a learning moment.

Instead of being down on yourself for failing, learn what you did wrong.  The next time the same situation arises you will be

2.  Failure is a resting place.  

Henry Ford said, "Failure is just a resting place. It is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently."
3.  Failure takes courage. 

Not everyone has the courage to take risks. Courage is what gets things done. While things in our career may look fearless, most will tell you we face constant fears. We have the courage to say NO when others simply comply. We have the courage to step up on stage in front of hundreds. We have the courage to make changes that no one previously wanted to do.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.- Bill Cosby

Maybe you're facing a difficult decision right now. Maybe you are in a state of emotional and physical uncertainty. I hope you find comfort in knowing I'm here for you.

People who succeed in life are the people who can manage their fear.

4.  Failure should be embraced.

If we look at our failures as stepping stones, challenges or setbacks, we will set our minds on success. Each failure will yield results. It may not be the result you are looking for but something good will come out of it. Start seeing your failures as an opportunity to become better instead of letting them bring you down and disappoint you.

James Wright, Silly Putty inventor, could have just thrown his invention in the trash. However, he took the idea and created a very successful business from it. 

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Principal and Assistant Principal Binder- Organized

Last week, I shared how to print on Post It Tabs.  I love having a binder to keep all my things organized.  For 2016-17, I created a new design that I think you might like.  I have big plans on creating a matching teacher binder too. 

What to learn how to print on Post it Tabs?

This is a picture of how I get ready for Back to School using teacher binders and tubs.  Check out the blog post with more information of what's in the tubs.  Get a binder for each teacher, including the administrators!  

Matching teacher binder coming soon - Be on the Look Out {BOLO} Principal and Teacher matching set!

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How to Print on Post It Tabs

I love Post-it Notes.  I love all things Post-it! However, I'm too OCD to write on my Post-it Tabs.  I want them to look amazing with cute fonts.  I came up with a trick to help me send my Post-it Tabs through the printer.  AMAZING!

The other day I posted on Instagram my organizational binder.  I had tons of request regarding the tabs.  It was my plan to share right away but I was all out of tabs.  So off to the store I went today!

Want to learn how to write on your tabs using your printer?  Here are the directions.


Want an organized binder?  Check out my store on TpT

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