4 Reasons Why we should Face our Fear of Failure

To begin this story today, I will be very honest with you.  I don't like to fail.  Not for one minute do I like it.  I'm such a perfectionist that failure just eats at me.  But is that really so bad?  I have learned over my adult years that something good has always come my way after I experienced a set back.  You may think the world's going to end but I promise you that you will survive it.

Here's a story about a big failure that turned into a very profitable company.

Silly Putty was invented by accident.  There was a shortage of rubber in the 1940's.  James Wright, was enlisted to help invent a synthetic rubber.  In one of his attempts to create synthetic rubber, Wright mixed boric acid and silicone oil together.  The mixture of the two created Silly Putty.  Of course, this was not what he was intending to make. However, several years later, it made it to the shelves of a toy store.  The putty was the second best selling item.  Six million units were sold the first year.  This made history as one of the fastest selling toys. 
4 Reasons Why we should Face our Fear of Failure
1.  Failure is a learning moment.

Instead of being down on yourself for failing, learn what you did wrong.  The next time the same situation arises you will be

2.  Failure is a resting place.  

Henry Ford said, "Failure is just a resting place. It is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently."
3.  Failure takes courage. 

Not everyone has the courage to take risks. Courage is what gets things done. While things in our career may look fearless, most will tell you we face constant fears. We have the courage to say NO when others simply comply. We have the courage to step up on stage in front of hundreds. We have the courage to make changes that no one previously wanted to do.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.- Bill Cosby

Maybe you're facing a difficult decision right now. Maybe you are in a state of emotional and physical uncertainty. I hope you find comfort in knowing I'm here for you.

People who succeed in life are the people who can manage their fear.

4.  Failure should be embraced.

If we look at our failures as stepping stones, challenges or setbacks, we will set our minds on success. Each failure will yield results. It may not be the result you are looking for but something good will come out of it. Start seeing your failures as an opportunity to become better instead of letting them bring you down and disappoint you.

James Wright, Silly Putty inventor, could have just thrown his invention in the trash. However, he took the idea and created a very successful business from it. 

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