Spring School Slump

Are you all exhausted and need a bit of sunshine on campus?  This is an activity to get you out of the spring slump.  Exhaustion, crying, worry and stress burden the schools at this very time each year.  The entire school could use a little pick me up!  Here's a spin off of Secret Santa. 

It's the Secret Sunshine Exchange.  It is designed to help teachers survive all the spring testing and school events.  We are all overwhelmed.  This can help everyone catch their breath, build teamwork and boost morale.

How it works:  Provide a box for each staff member.  The boxes can be purchased at craft stores or ordered online.  The box is not the most important piece.  It's what's inside the boxes that count.  With that being said, you could use shoe boxes and just decorate them by covering them in nice wrapping paper. You get the idea, right?

The entire staff can participate or opt out.  Hopefully, you will have 100% wanting to join in on the fun!  Send out the poem and questionnaire to all the staff.  Just like Secret Santa...each staff member draws a name.  The Secret Sunshine giver will place one item in the receiver's box each day.  The boxes need to all be located in the same location.  You set the time of day the item must be placed inside the box.   The receiver goes to the location during the day and opens their box and gets a burst of sunshine!  

If you want to have a theme for each day or let it be free choice, is totally up to every school. 

I read a quote on the bottom of an email from a friend (Cara H).  It says this, "Happiness is like jam...You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself."  I love it! 

Spreading joy and happiness makes everyone feel so much better. 

Are you ready to start a Box of Sunshine Exchange?  This item was added to the STAFF AND TEACHER MORAL ACTIVITIES PACKET.    If you own it, just download it to get the updated file.

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