Principal Binders, Teacher Binders and Post it Tabs

 I have several things I just can't live without.  One thing I just have to have is a binder.  I have many binders.  Maybe one day I will take the leap over to all things digital.  Maybe not.  Here's a look at some principal binders that you might like.

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I also love teacher binders! Binders are just perfect for organizing all the important lesson plans, data reports, schedules and so much more.

Here is a look at my teacher binders and the tubs for back-to-school.
 New Design for 2016-17 This design is perfect for males or anyone not wanting something so girly.
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I love Post-it Notes.  I love all things Post-it! However, I'm too OCD to write on my Post-it Tabs.  I want them to look amazing with cute fonts.  I came up with a trick to help me send my Post-it Tabs through the printer.  AMAZING!

The other day I posted on Instagram my organizational binder.  I had tons of request regarding the tabs.  It was my plan to share right away but I was all out of tabs.  So off to the store I went today!

Want to learn how to write on your tabs using your printer?  Here are the directions.

Want an organized binder?  Check out my store on TpT

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