A Positive School Culture: You Matter

It takes a village to oversee testing in a large district.  These sweet people below are amazingly gifted in what they do.  We just finished state tests and it feels real good...FANTASTIC!  For our last  meeting, we celebrated with a lunch.  Who doesn't love a meeting with food, right? 

 Creating a positive school culture is one of the most important aspects of any school leader.  It is considered the heart of improvement and growth.  The easiest way to create a positive campus or district is to show your appreciation for the hard work.  When people feel appreciated, connected, respected, and valued, they will continue to give 100% or more each day.  A positive school culture will also lead to retention of your staff...therefore, student achievement will also be impacted.  It's a win for the staff and a win for the students.
It all begins with building relationships and partnerships. If you do not take time to show appreciation, we are missing out on the opportunity to improve our schools, our students, our staff and our community. 

A big thanks to this team who NAILED IT!  You matter!

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