Best Days Ever, Upcoming Events!

I just experienced an overwhelming week of happiness.  I don't think I could ever describe to you how much love I was given at the TEPSA 2016 Conference in Austin.  I met some amazing administrators, future administrators and blog followers.

Here's a look at my booth.  The location of my booth couldn't have been better.  TEPSA took very good care of me since this was my first event. 

Instagram and Facebook posts: Picture 1:  A sweet administrator filled my eyes with tears and my heart with joy.
Picture 2: My daughter on FB wrote an amazing and heart felt post about me.  The entire two days were filled with happy tears and overwhelming joyful emotions.
This lady is very special to me.  Cristi Parsons was Texas Distinguished Principal in 2013.  We make it a point to take a selfie each year.  The following year (2014) I was nominated as a finalist in the Top 10 Principals of Texas.  Advice to all principals-surround yourself with strong, growth-minded administrators.  Parsons has a talent for school leadership. Build yourself a circle of friends who have the same passions as you.
This is my buddy and sidekick this week.  She is beginning her first year as a principal and attended the conference.  I couldn't been more happy to be apart of her journey as a school administrator.  She helped me out so much at my booth. 

We made a much needed pit stop in Waco to snap a picture at Magnolia Farms.  L-O-V-E that place.  I hope to go back again because we only stayed about an hour.  We ran through the store and hit the food trucks! YUM.

This was my first year not to actually attend the sessions.  I have been attending TEPSA for many years.  I did miss this part of my trip. 
My design goal was to create a desk display for a male principal and a female principal. 

My binders were a big hit.  
This principal binder (Gold and Floral) stopped a lot of people.  They said, "hey I saw this on Pinterest! I said, that's my creation.  I had lots of shocked faces when they realized I was the creator behind this binder.  My heart was so full.  One lady said, "Did you know if you put the word PRINCIPAL in Pinterest, you see all of your stuff?"  Haha!  I guess my marketing has been working.

I walked away from my booth for just a minute and had a line waiting for me.  One lady was asking my friend if I was going to be coming today.  Just as I walked up I heard the conversation.  I quickly said, "Here I am!"  She about fell out to meet me.  I truly felt like a celebrity all day.  I don't think of myself as anything special but I'm so happy to be a positive mentor to so many administrators.  Thank you all for being so kind and sharing your stories with me this week.  I am truly blessed to have you cheering me on!

What's next?  My plan is to start consulting and presenting this school year.  I shared that information with you if you attended the conference.  Here's my first presentation that I am working on at the moment.  Background: Our leadership impacts student achievement.  Our leadership matters.  I will share systems that we all need to be doing each and every day to improve student achievement.  These systems are linked to our leadership position.
Stay tuned this summer for my event listing! 

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