The Secret to a Successful Principal

The secret to a successful passion.  

Are you a passionate principal?  What does that mean and look like?  We have been told passion is what moves you.  It is your force and energy to succeed.

I'm passionate about many things- professionally.  My passion is directed to my leadership and how it impacts student achievement.  It just makes my heart happy to know my leadership skills matter.

Passion is described as a strong emotion that happens within each of us when we are doing meaningful work that makes us and the people around us feel good.

Whether you just landed your first principal position or you are a seasoned principal, passion is key. Your enthusiasm will have a big impact on moving the campus forward, flat lining or failing.

How does your passion and excitement impact your staff and students?  Your passion will fuel the campus in a positive way.  When the students and staff see you excited, they will want to join you. Others will notice your love for your job.  They will feel your energy and become motivated.  It's a simple thing- but it's a win-win for everyone.

Your teachers, your students and your parents want to be led by a passionate leader.  Ultimately, they too want to be passionate.  They may not know it but I'm sure deep down inside...they do.
You may need to light a few fires and share some joy along the way but it's possible.  You can't make someone become passionate.  However, you can create an environment that embraces it.

Passion in the workplace begins with you.  If you want teachers to follow your vision, they need to connect to you.  Passion is one of the main ingredients or traits inside every great leader.  Just think about all the famous and influential leaders- past and present.  Passion was present in their life.

How can you become passionate about what you do?  You might need to recreate that vision or remind yourself of why you started the position in the first place.  Reconnect with your goals or make new ones.  The campus is depending on you.  Your passion will led to success.

Things you can do to rekindle or get inspired with passion for your position:
1.  Grow professionally.  We all need to be challenged.
2.  Surround yourself with passionate people.
3.  Connect with other school leaders.
4.  Believe in yourself.  You are making a difference.  Your staff, student and parents are needing what you have to offer.
5.  Love what you do.

What are you passionate about?  I shared my true passion.  Your turn.

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