How to Install Beautiful Fonts and My Favorite Fonts

It is no secret that I love fonts.  Why can't our forms and presentations look stylish and yet still look professional?  Installing fonts on your computer will take your presentations and documents to the next level!  Let me first share a few of my favorite fonts. {If you want them, I am adding the link so you can download them too}.

The fonts listed above are paid purchases but there are tons of free fonts too.  I purchase a lot of my fonts so I can use them commercially.  If you are downloading them for personal use, you do not need a license to use them.

Here is my new font I just purchased to walk you through downloading and install it on your computer.  I have a Mac computer so my steps may be a little different from a PC.

1.  Locate the font you want to install.
2.  Click Download

3.  Now go to you Download File and locate the new font.

4.  Open the folder.
This is a view of it open:

5.  Click on the files that end in oft and ttf then click install

6.  Restart your computer and the fonts will now be stored in your computer.  Just open up a document and type using your new font.

Option 2 for Mac Users
Install the font in your Font Book under the Applications Tab.  This will keep you from restarting your computer.

Take a look at the Hello Beautiful font on the teacher binder below.  This Black and White Stripe Teacher Binder is back!  I had a big request to bring it back out so I updated it.  It has editable pages too.  You can read more about it on the listing here.


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Editable Binders and Spines- LOVE!

Are you needing an awesome organizational tool but you want to look stylish too?  I love binders but I like being able to edit my binders as well.  Over the past few months, I have received daily emails asking for more editable resources.  I have spent hours making my principal and teacher binders more editable but I also decided it was time to launch my next project.

Welcome Editable "Just Binder Covers and Spines!"

These are not your ordinary binders.  They are created with 300 dpi images.  This means they are high quality and will print very clear and crisp.  

Let me walk you through adding your own text:

Notice the blue box that says Add Your Text Here?  That blue box is your new best friend.  It is programmed for you already.  Just add your own information.  
  • Personalize it with your name, 
  • Add Subject Names, or
  • Add Topics for home, work or school

What do you need to get started?

You will need Adobe Reader to edit the text boxes.  Adobe Reader is a free online software.  I promise you-It is absolutely free.  Your computer may already have it.  If not, here is the link to download Adobe Reader.  There is a purchased Adobe version that you can get as well but it is not necessary just to add your text.

Why purchase these binders?  Editable binder covers and spines allow you to create as many notebooks, binders, dividers as you need.  You are not locked to one premade binder with preset titles.  I love both premade and having the option to add more binders as things come up.

All the covers in each set come with editable text boxes.  Each set also includes matching spines if you want to create individual binders for each subject or topic.


Don't be afraid of the gold graphics.  Your color printer will be just fine.  I don't have a fancy printer myself and they come out very nice.  If you want to keep these protected, just print on cardstock and laminate for durability.  This will help them last a lot longer.

LINK: Get Adobe Reader

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Back to School Resources Just for You!

Back to School!  I know you don't want to hear those 3 words in July!  Ready or not-school will be starting back in just a few weeks.  It's time to share some of my favorite printables, tips and and ideas.  While you are here, stop by all the other links from some of my favorite blogger friends.  My blogging friend, Ashley Reed from Just Reed has some amazing deals today too.

Video of Inspiration: Click the image to watch the slideshow of some great activities to motivate and inspire your teachers and students.
Top 100 Seller item on TpT (links below)

These a big time saver on the office staff and classroom teacher.  Just add your own text and print.

Create a Today's Focus Bulletin Board with ease.  Post your learning objectives in the classroom.  Editable too! 
Start planning your parent nights now.  It will be so easy with this packet.  It has everything you need to plan for the event.  All you have to do is print the activities and invite the parents.  
A literacy night is also available.  

Your data meetings will never be the same.  Are you tired of coming up with higher level questions to ask your teachers?  These question stems will spark discussion about their data.  When we discuss "real time" data with our teachers, it leads to improved classroom instruction and student success.

Check out the Back to School Photo Booth.  I have made that task very easy.  Just print and display.  I decided to laminate the letters and use clothespins for a "southern style."  Have you created your Photo Booth yet?  Get started on it today.  It's worth all the trouble to see the smiles of the kids! 

Don't forget to feed your teachers! 
Simple treats but brings tons of joy.
FREE download (TREATS)

It's time for you to share your favorites!  Share on your blog or comment below.  If you share on your blog, grab the image to get started.  Don't forget to see Just Reed today too.
Image credit to: Classroom Clicks


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Happiness Starts Here

Flu, viruses, germs and colds spread rapidly throughout our schools.  Did you know your positive or negative attitude can also spread just like a virus?  Your attitude and your positive/negative disposition can be contagious.

The simpleness of smiling, greeting students and staff each morning and genuine kindness does a heart good.  Mother Teresa once said, "Spread love everywhere you go.  Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." 

When we spread our positive vibes throughout the school, it will trickle its way all over the building. If you make people feel good about themselves, that speaks volumes about who you are as a person.  You never know what someone is going through so be careful what you say and do.

As leaders we have the opportunity to transform our schools.  Our schools should be a place of nurture, love, happiness, compassion, family, etc...

Let's start a kindness chain reaction across our schools.  Over the years, I have shared the value of spreading kindness for your staff.  But let's talk about the value and importance of doing this for our students.

When students are happy at school they perform better academically.  Students will have higher self-esteem and confidence.  They will be motivated to perform and participate.  Studies have shown that a happy school directly reduces disruptive behavior and helps to increase social and emotional well being.  You never know...spreading happiness just might change the world one step at a time.

Check out this video and see how a simple giggle can make others around you laugh.  Enjoy life! Happiness starts with a smile.


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Post Your Learning Objectives

Our students should know what they will learn today.  Just as important as what we are learning is WHY are we needing to know this.  Mike Schmoker says, "There is a glaring absence of the most basic elements of an effective lesson: an essential, clearly defined learning target."  In some classrooms, neither the teacher or student could articulate what they were learning.  They could only describe the activity or assignment being given."

The most effective way to accomplish this is:

1.  Post and state the objective prior to learning. 

 For young learners, say it in kid-friendly terms.  Reciting the state learning objective in formal language may not be appropriate for the young learners.  Phrase it in "I Can or We Will" statements for students to read and understand.

2.  Share how and why this relates to real world learning.

It is important for students to understand why the lesson is relevant to them.  As adults we know ourselves that when we participate in an activity that has meaning we often remember it longer.
Students need a reason for listening and participating in the lesson.  I have often refer to this as authentic learning.  The term authentic learning seems to fit perfectly with this explanation.  Authentic means genuine.  The students participated in the lesson because they felt led to do so.

3.  Make connections- to previous and future learning.

Most teachers do this naturally and don't even realize it.  We want to call attention to how the current learning is connected to something they have already learned or how they will apply it in the future.
Posting learning objectives so students know what they are learning and why.
Posting the Objective:
The learning objective should be aligned to your state standards.  For me, that is Texas.  We use the TEKS and not Common Core.  However, this is a recommended practice for all states.

Some teachers write the objective on the board.  Some teachers display it digitally.  And some teachers post it on a bulletin board.   It really doesn't matter the how you get this accomplished.  The point is that we all take time to share what we are going to learn with our students.
 WHY is this important?
Writing the objective on the board for display is the first step.  We can't just stop there.  It is critical that we explain the objective to the students.  This does two things.  First, it allows the student to prepare for the lesson.  They have a focus on what is being presented to them.  Second, it helps the teacher to keep to the rigor of the objective.

Knowing your standards are key.  We need to make sure teachers are teaching at the level of rigor as described in the standard.  Posting and verbally stating the objective also helps plan appropriate activities.  These activities must align to the standard.

At the end of the lesson:
At the end of the lesson, close by rereading the objective to the students.  You can tie it all back together and help them see their learning in action.  They begin to make connections.

You know I must add some research.  I'm sure you were expecting it!

Research says, When students are clear in advance about what they are learning, their achievement  on average is 34 percentile points higher on tests.  

Need help getting started?  Here's something that may help.


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The Principal's Desk-Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

Take your principal binder and your desk to the next level!  Our desk and office space doesn't have to be boring.  Since we spend so much time at work, try and make it feel more like home with a few extra touches.  These simple ideas will transform your office into a place you love to walk into each morning.  This will become your happy place.  Trust me- you will need this "happy place" every now and then.

Here is a look at a few of my recent purchases.  If you have read my blog for the last three years, you know I love all things Marshall's, TJMaxx and HomeGoods.  I'm obsessed with these 3 stores.  You can find some amazing good deals and very cute accessories.

Yesterday, I found these black file folders and a set of floral notepads.  I love the notepads.  They came in sets of 3 and had different gold lettering on the front- Dream Big, Amazing Things Can Happen and Think Happy Be Happy.  The pages are lined and perfect for taking notes on the go.  They're also perfect to slip inside the Principal Binder, my bag or in my car.  The file folders are a great addition to the top of a desk.  These are just too adorable to file inside a filing cabinet.

Personalize It- It doesn't take much to personalize your office space and surround yourself with a little slice of happiness.  The small touches to the decor can create feelings of comfort and positivity.
It's all about surrounding yourself with things that make your day pleasant.  When you are happy, your day is bound to be good.  It's the simple things in life.  Take time to treat yourself to some desk and office decor or whatever makes your soul smile.

Equip Yourself- Find a system or items that makes your job more efficient.  I just so happen to love notepads, colorful pens and binders.  Use what works for you.

I have been admiring Washi Tape for quite some time.  Yesterday, I ran to Staples and picked out 3 color combinations to add a bit of excitement to the inside of my principal binder.  Washi tape is made of rice paper.  You can tear it, stick it, reposition it, write on it... you get the idea. It is low adhesive which allows you to use and reuse it easily. Color Yourself Happy!

 Small changes and a personal touch can go a long way to create an inspiring and happy environment at work.

We can't forget the guy principals!  I picked up a pack of notepads in the adventure theme.  I think these would be a perfect touch for a male or female administrator.

Here are a few reminders if you are a current school administrator or just starting out:
1.  It is important to take care of yourself.  My superintendent stressed this to us every year.  Our job is stressful.  I really don't think anyone realizes the magnitude of stress until you actually are in the position.

2.  Take care of your family.  Don't consume yourself 24/7 with all things school.  This will cause a big burnout.  When you are home, be present in the moment.

3.  Surround yourself with good people.  A  group of positive people who have the same passions can not only make you feel good-they can also make you a better person along the way.

Need a principal binder?  Here's the link to download one today.

Here's the link: Download


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