How to Install Beautiful Fonts and My Favorite Fonts

It is no secret that I love fonts.  Why can't our forms and presentations look stylish and yet still look professional?  Installing fonts on your computer will take your presentations and documents to the next level!  Let me first share a few of my favorite fonts. {If you want them, I am adding the link so you can download them too}.

The fonts listed above are paid purchases but there are tons of free fonts too.  I purchase a lot of my fonts so I can use them commercially.  If you are downloading them for personal use, you do not need a license to use them.

Here is my new font I just purchased to walk you through downloading and install it on your computer.  I have a Mac computer so my steps may be a little different from a PC.

1.  Locate the font you want to install.
2.  Click Download

3.  Now go to you Download File and locate the new font.

4.  Open the folder.
This is a view of it open:

5.  Click on the files that end in oft and ttf then click install

6.  Restart your computer and the fonts will now be stored in your computer.  Just open up a document and type using your new font.

Option 2 for Mac Users
Install the font in your Font Book under the Applications Tab.  This will keep you from restarting your computer.

Take a look at the Hello Beautiful font on the teacher binder below.  This Black and White Stripe Teacher Binder is back!  I had a big request to bring it back out so I updated it.  It has editable pages too.  You can read more about it on the listing here.

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