The Principal's Desk-Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

Take your principal binder and your desk to the next level!  Our desk and office space doesn't have to be boring.  Since we spend so much time at work, try and make it feel more like home with a few extra touches.  These simple ideas will transform your office into a place you love to walk into each morning.  This will become your happy place.  Trust me- you will need this "happy place" every now and then.

Here is a look at a few of my recent purchases.  If you have read my blog for the last three years, you know I love all things Marshall's, TJMaxx and HomeGoods.  I'm obsessed with these 3 stores.  You can find some amazing good deals and very cute accessories.

Yesterday, I found these black file folders and a set of floral notepads.  I love the notepads.  They came in sets of 3 and had different gold lettering on the front- Dream Big, Amazing Things Can Happen and Think Happy Be Happy.  The pages are lined and perfect for taking notes on the go.  They're also perfect to slip inside the Principal Binder, my bag or in my car.  The file folders are a great addition to the top of a desk.  These are just too adorable to file inside a filing cabinet.

Personalize It- It doesn't take much to personalize your office space and surround yourself with a little slice of happiness.  The small touches to the decor can create feelings of comfort and positivity.
It's all about surrounding yourself with things that make your day pleasant.  When you are happy, your day is bound to be good.  It's the simple things in life.  Take time to treat yourself to some desk and office decor or whatever makes your soul smile.

Equip Yourself- Find a system or items that makes your job more efficient.  I just so happen to love notepads, colorful pens and binders.  Use what works for you.

I have been admiring Washi Tape for quite some time.  Yesterday, I ran to Staples and picked out 3 color combinations to add a bit of excitement to the inside of my principal binder.  Washi tape is made of rice paper.  You can tear it, stick it, reposition it, write on it... you get the idea. It is low adhesive which allows you to use and reuse it easily. Color Yourself Happy!

 Small changes and a personal touch can go a long way to create an inspiring and happy environment at work.

We can't forget the guy principals!  I picked up a pack of notepads in the adventure theme.  I think these would be a perfect touch for a male or female administrator.

Here are a few reminders if you are a current school administrator or just starting out:
1.  It is important to take care of yourself.  My superintendent stressed this to us every year.  Our job is stressful.  I really don't think anyone realizes the magnitude of stress until you actually are in the position.

2.  Take care of your family.  Don't consume yourself 24/7 with all things school.  This will cause a big burnout.  When you are home, be present in the moment.

3.  Surround yourself with good people.  A  group of positive people who have the same passions can not only make you feel good-they can also make you a better person along the way.

Need a principal binder?  Here's the link to download one today.

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