How to Make Your Own Posters

Making your own poster may sound difficult.  It is a lot easier than you think.  You don't even need leave your house to do it either!  All you need is a computer and a printer.  No professional printing costs are needed!  Let me walk you through it.
I started with this 8x11 quote print.  I created it but you can turn any 8x11 quote into a large poster.  If you want this quote, it is your freebie for August!  Download Future Quote here.

As you can see the quote poster is a simple 8x11 sheet of paper.  Nothing fancy.  Just a simple small poster.  I thought it was too cute to stay small.  If you want it in your school hallway or door, it really needs to stand out and be larger.

 Here is a screenshot of the poster in pdf format.  

To print: 

1.  Select POSTER.
 The image display shows it to print 11x17.
2.  If you need to see the cut marks, choose the cut mark button.  This will give you a guide for cutting.
3.  Press PRINT.

The one page printed in 6 pages.  Now we begin arranging the pages and add a few cuts here and there.
As you can see you need to do a few cuts around the edges of each page before you can totally assemble it.

After each page was cut, I laminated it.  Note: This would be easier if you have a large laminator instead of laminating individual pages.  It still works but would have been nice to run the entire poster through a big laminator.

I kept the right side of the pages with a slight border so when I pieced it together it was stronger in the middle.  I only cut the pages on the left.  Whatever you decide to do, will probably work.  I just wanted to reinforce the middle.

And just like that...11x17 poster!

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