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Over my years in education, I have noticed lesson planning can vary from district to district.  Some districts require extensive lesson planning and some require little to no documentation.  Being the planner that I am, I like some kind of guide to stay on track.  My goal of an administrator is not to make this difficult or time intensive.  I rather a teacher spend her time preparing for instruction than writing long drawn-out, extensive lesson plans.

Take a look at the video tutorial.  I share with you every page of the file.


1.  Keep it simple but detailed enough to see the overall goal.  I don't need to know every question you plan to ask, every resource you plan to use or a step-by-step process or explanation of every subject throughout the day.

 2.  Plan with the end in mind.  That sounds like something you would hear if discussing the 7 Habits.  I think it applies to our lessons too.  What do you want the students to be able to do at the end of the lesson?  When you have that decided, work backwards to plan an effective lesson to reach that goal.

3.  Differentiate always.  I have a passion for Differentiation. In this packet, it is color coordinated so you can focus on each group in your small group.  The groups outlined are approaching, on level, above level and ELL.  Differentiated Instruction is matching instruction to meet the different needs of learners in your groups/class.  You can differentiate in whole group or small group.   This resource allows you to plan effective lessons during guided reading or during skills-focused small grouping.

Small Group Reading Lesson Plan Template is editable.  The text fields are already added for you.  However, if you prefer to write out your lesson plans on paper, you can print the pdf file.   For those who can't resist typing the information, all you will need is the FREE version of Adobe Reader.  

Your computer may already have it installed.  If not, just go to Adobe Reader and download it prior downloading the file.

Download Small Group Reading Lesson Plan Template

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