Leadership Unleashed

Leadership Unleashed has just been launched!  I'm so happy to share this course with you.  Let me tell you all about it!

If you have been following me the last few years, you know I am passionate about school leadership. I love nothing more than sharing resources with you.  In Leadership Unleashed, I'm sharing everything I can to help, guide and support you in your position as a school leader.

Here's what I have learned over the past 10 years as a school leader:

  1. The position is hard!  No one will believe you until they step into that position.
  2. We need to stay connected and always collaborate with other leaders.
  3. I must always be a lead-learner.  It's important that I always stay current and on my A-GAME in the ever-changing field of education.

Why an online course?

  • The online course platform allows me to put all my presentations and handouts in one location.  
  • You will have a lifetime access to the materials.
  • The can start or stop the course as your schedule allows.
Therefore, I thought this was the best option for all the information.

Scroll down and check out the details:
Leadership Unleashed

I created Leadership Unleashed for all the amazing school leaders serving our schools.  

The new administrative binder is date free...this allows you to never purchase another binder again!  It is also light on ink so you don't spend a fortune printing it.

 Handouts galore- surveys, charts, stories, forms and more!

I have also included 8 presentations covering each topic.  I openly share with you some tips, tricks and advice to help you in your position.  

Several posters are also included.  Here is a look at the Data Posters.


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How to Make Amazing Presentations

I have to admit I am more inclined to pay attention while in a meeting if the presentation itself is attractive.  I think when a presenter takes the time to make it visually appealing it shows a little about them.  Our boring presentations on data, budget, and building maintenance can be visually beautiful.

Here are a few tricks of the track on making your presentations more attractive.  

I have created a few training videos to demo how to create presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint and other presentation media resources.  

This is absolutely free.  There are no hidden costs.  No cost later down the road either.  
Free now and free later.

Why?  Because it is important that we as educators share our best resources with each other.  

How does it work?
Over the school year, I will share all the amazing resources I have used and provide suggestions on how to use them yourself.  It's called "dripping" the content to you.  

Why "drip" it?
Dripping it helps you practice parts of the resources and ask questions while trying it out.  It also helps me by giving me time to create the videos and handouts for you.  Just like you, my schedule is busy.  Dripping the lessons over the course of the school year gives me time to create the demonstration videos for you.  

More info
  • You do not need to be a computer expert!  I do not claim to be one either.  
  • The demonstrations are saved as video (.mov) which allows you to stop and replay the steps.

  • I'm from Texas and I have an accent.  I can't help it y'all.  (I hope I didn't say y'all in the video but it may have slipped out.) #Texasproud 
Let's Get Started

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Steps Principals Can Take to Help Teachers with Classroom Management

Our goal is to help our teachers by providing the leadership and resources for them to be successful.  Throughout the school year, teachers face many challenges from discipline issues to curriculum shortfalls.  It is very important that we are aware of their needs.  I like to think of it as being proactive.

One area of need might be providing professional development on effective classroom management strategies.  Do you have teachers who struggle with classroom management?  Classroom management is key to effective teaching and learning.  Therefore, I believe we should try and find the best tools and strategies to approaching this with our staff.

As teachers become more seasoned and grow with experience this often improves.  But I can tell you that is not always the case.

Let's share some tricks of the trade that have been implemented to help teachers who continue to struggle with classroom management.


During a grade level meeting, ask your staff to share one or two items they use in their classroom.  It might be a classroom management board or incentives or even an organizational tip.  I have found that teachers are the expert.  When our teachers have a chance to hear what works in another class, they are more willing to give it a try.


I think assigning a mentor for the teacher is highly effective.  This will be a "go-to" colleague.  You would want to pair up the mentor with another teacher who has classroom management as a strength. I have created a mentoring schedule for some to follow.  This is just a monthly chart that helps everyone stay on schedule and address certain areas.  For example, student discipline, lesson prep, class organization, transitioning, rules, incentives, and many more areas.

Download Mentoring Log and Schedule Form


There's amazing power in a video.  When a teacher has an opportunity to watch their teaching in action, it is a powerful reflection piece.  How does this work?  Share the idea with the teacher and the benefits of reflective video.  Schedule a day or class period for the lesson to be videoed in the classroom.  The teacher teaches her normal day and then watches the video back after class.   I can see this as being a big eye opener.  I'm often more critical of myself so I think this would work wonders for me.


Using consultants gives the teacher a fair playing field.  This really helps the teacher to know you aren't picking on them and really want the best for them.  An outside consultant is unbiased and can offer a fair evaluation to the teacher.  Outside consultants may have other suggestions that you may not have thought of for the teacher. 


If you have a teacher struggling, the first thing we need to do is provide the support they need.  Most often a teacher who struggles with classroom management often struggles with organization and instructional delivery.  At times, the teacher just needs you to listen.  The only way you will know the level of support to ofter is to listen.  This not only gives you insight but it builds their trust.

After listening, ask questions.

Questions you can ask- What is your biggest struggle in the classroom?  How can I help?  What steps have you tried?   You will probably already know the areas of need but it helps the teacher to verbalize it.


There are tons of classroom management resources available.  All you need to do is simply google and tons of ideas will appear.

To name a few-

Teacher binders for organization of forms
Class Management Behavioral Charts
Posting of the Class Objective
Lists of best practices of classroom management
Procedures for the Classroom 
Teaching with engagement 


I have watched many lessons over the last 10 years.  I see one connected piece between classroom management and a great lesson.  The lesson was engaging.  When students are engaged, on the edge of their seat, wanting more of what the teacher has... No negative classroom behaviors existed!  Why?  Because students were attentive to the content of the lesson.  It makes all the difference.  When teachers are struggling with classroom management, check the level of rigor and engagement  of the lessons first!

My Summary Video:


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