How to Be a Happy First Year School Leader

Being a school leader is hard.  Being a first-year school leader is even harder.  It is October.  You have now been in the position for several months.  I'm hoping it is all going well for you.  I'm sure you have already handled situations that were easy and some that were a bit nerve-racking.  Don't drown in all the to-do lists, stress, pressures and all of the uncertainties.  With simple steps along the way, you will have a happy first year as a school leader.

One thing I know for sure - the work is all worth it.  

The early mornings and late nights- worth it.

The reports and meetings- worth it too.

The presentations, board meetings, and public relations-worth it as well.

The students and teachers you are helping via your leadership- absolutely worth it.

If you are needing a little extra guidance or support, I'm always here for you.  Just contact me and let's work together.

My first book, How to Be a Happy First Year Leader, was just listed on Amazon.  In the book, I list 12 strategies that you can easily implement to help you in this journey.  Our road may be tough but one thing is certain we have each other to get through it.

Check out How to Be a Happy First Year Leader today.

Update on this original post: Amazon now has the book listed as #1 International Best Seller in the categories of Administration and Leadership!  Extremely humble and grateful for the opportunity to share my journey with you.

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