Staff Morale Part 3 and Post Conference Form for Teachers

Leadership Unleashed was first launched in early October!  I'm so happy to share this course with you. Since it was launched, I have added a few more items to it.  

 Let me tell you all about it!

If you have been following me the last few years, you know I am passionate about school leadership. I love nothing more than sharing resources with you.  In Leadership Unleashed, I'm sharing everything I can to help, guide and support you in your position as a school leader.

Here's what I have learned over the past 10 years as a school leader:

  1. The position is hard!  No one will believe you until they step into that position.
  2. We need to stay connected and always collaborate with other leaders.
  3. I must always be a lead-learner.  It's important that I always stay current and on my A-GAME in the ever-changing field of education.

Why an online course?

  • The online course platform allows me to put all my presentations and handouts in one location.  
  • You will have a lifetime access to the materials.
  • The can start or stop the course as your schedule allows.
Therefore, I thought this was the best option for all the information.

Scroll down and check out the details:
Leadership Unleashed

I created Leadership Unleashed for all the amazing school leaders serving our schools.  

The new administrative binder is date free...this allows you to never purchase another binder again!  It is also light on ink so you don't spend a fortune printing it.

 Handouts galore- surveys, charts, stories, forms and more!

I have also included 8 presentations covering each topic.  I openly share with you some tips, tricks and advice to help you in your position.  

Several posters are also included.  The image above is a look at the Data Posters.

Staff Morale Packet part 3 is only available through this course.
 Post Conference Glow and Grow Form- recently added

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