Monday Motivation - Easy Printables

Monday Motivation couldn't be easier with Merry Monday and a Happy New Week!  Everyone needs a little pick me up on Mondays.  This is a great time to pump up your staff and give them a bit of encouragement as they begin their week.

Mondays are a struggle.  We all experience a bit of hesitation on Mondays.  Merry Monday and a Happy New Week is like a cup of coffee- warm and cozy.  I created this to help bring a smile, a cheer, and a few words to uplift your staff.

Take a look.

Let me share how to use it:

1.  Email a page on Monday.  The file comes in both PNG and PDF.  

2.  Create a bulletin board in a common area of your school.

Here is a quick look at a sample.  It includes the quote and "food for thought" all on one page.  The second page is the quote in full color for a bulletin board display.


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Culture of Accountability

A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.- Henry Evans 

In this blog post, I want to share with you Chapter 1 of this amazing book- Winning with Accountability.

In Evans book, Winning with Accountability, he shares how winning begins with accountability.  However, accountability has a very nasty perception and reputation.  Accountability is often punitive and comes up when something goes wrong or someone does something wrong.  It is often a pointing of the fingers and a blame game.

You cannot sustain success without accountability.  Period.  It is a vital part of winning and success.

Look at the definition of accountability as defined by Webster's Dictionary-

"the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions."

This does not sound punitive, right?  It is a positive statement- obligation...willingness...responsibility...

Evans says it is necessary for us to reframe accountability into a more positive mindset.  It is important that we view accountability as the secret sauce within our schools that can create or prevent us from reaching success. It shouldn't bring about fear, stress, or even those "punitive measures."

Accountability is not necessarily about holding everyone else accountable.  It is about each and every person holding themselves accountable for the results.  It is also about having a willingness to be held accountable by others.

So how do we change the perception of accountability to being more of a positive tone?  

It is all achieved by front-loading accountability.  Front loading accountability means the sender (leader, principal, director, coordinator) has to provide specifics, including clear expectations.  Both parties are responsible - the sender and receiver.  The receiver can ask questions for clarification or restate the message.  This two-way communication style builds trust and sets the road to success.  

For example, in my years as a principal, my superintendent would give an assignment or task to be completed.  She would give suggestions on how it should be handled, completed, and may even tell us how it should look.  The expectations were clear up front.  The specifics were provided.  There's no reason for it not to be completed on time or to the expectations being set.

Front-loading accountability helps to:
  • increase performance
  • allocate resources
  • increase employee job satisfaction
  • improve results
Taking this information and applying it to our school setting is very easy.  I know we need to change the mindset of accountability to be more positive.  Without it, we could possibly all be working on the wrong things or have a lack of direction and purpose. #keepyoureyesontheprize

His book, Winning with Accountability, is tended for business but it is a great read in education or even for personal inspiration too.  I truly think I can take every chapter and apply it to our role as school leaders.

Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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Principal and Assistant Principal Organizational Binder


 I just can't help that I love gold.  I had no plans of making a change to my current binder.   The Floral with Gold Principal Binder is beautiful too.  I simply love it.  But I had a creative moment and before I knew it... A Texas Principal, Assistant Principal Binder was born.

Honestly, I know without a doubt what sparked me to sit down at the computer and begin to create a new binder.  It was this-a beautiful font called Be Bright.

There are two things I love, besides faith and family.  I love digital graphics and fonts.  I admit I have an obsession with these things.

So here's a look at the new Texas Principal, Assistant Principal binder.  It has editable pages so you can create additional dividers and additional covers.  If you are not a Principal or Assistant Principal, you can still use this.  Just create your own title on the pages.

The dividers keep all the important documents organized in our binders.  I don't include everything in my binder.  Some items I keep filed in my desk and the rest I keep in my binder.  It's important to arrange your binder with the most important things so you can transport it to all your meetings on or off campus.

New in this binder is a school drill reporting log.  This is a perfect addition to the binder.  Now we can keep better records of the monthly drills.  

Birthdays and Anniversaries, and Important Dates pages are also included. 
Take a look at the To-Do list pages.  They can be printed and placed on your desk or by your phone.  During the day, jot down all the things you need to get done and mark them off when completed.
I have also included a journaling notes pages as well.  

The calendars are nondated which allows you to use them year-after-year.  


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