Monday Motivation - Easy Printables

Monday Motivation couldn't be easier with Merry Monday and a Happy New Week!  Everyone needs a little pick me up on Mondays.  This is a great time to pump up your staff and give them a bit of encouragement as they begin their week.

Mondays are a struggle.  We all experience a bit of hesitation on Mondays.  Merry Monday and a Happy New Week is like a cup of coffee- warm and cozy.  I created this to help bring a smile, a cheer, and a few words to uplift your staff.

Take a look.

Let me share how to use it:

1.  Email a page on Monday.  The file comes in both PNG and PDF.  

2.  Create a bulletin board in a common area of your school.

Here is a quick look at a sample.  It includes the quote and "food for thought" all on one page.  The second page is the quote in full color for a bulletin board display.

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