PreKindergarten and Kindergarten Parent Registration Night Printables

Registration night or round up is a great time for parents to tour the school and meet the teachers.  It's also the perfect time for parents to fill out all the enrollment forms.  We all know starting PreK and Kindergarten is hard on the parents.  Parents are worried about their babies starting school.  Let's try and ease that worry with a welcoming parent night.

We want parents to have a welcoming experience, but we also need to relay important key points to all parents.  A school-wide presentation and matching flyer is a great start.  

WHAT'S INCLUDED- 20+ editable slides
Welcome Slide
Meet the Principal (male image)
Meet the Principal (female image)
Meet the Principal (blank)
Meet the Teachers
Our School
Enrollment Information
Our Curriculum
A day in the life in PreK or Kindergarten
First Day of School
School Supplies
Healthy Snacks
Physical Education
Parent Involvement
Nurse News
Breakfast & Lunch
School Contacts
Thank you for coming

Also, includes a blank title page to add additional slides.

The flyer is editable.  Just type in your information and pass it out to the community or have it as a download on your website.    This is a PDF document.  You will need the FREE version of Adobe to add your text.

1.  Parents all hear the same information.
2.  Tackle the registration paperwork and collect student records.
3.  Parents and students tour the school to familiarize the layout and ease worries.
4.  Build excitement because your school is fun!
5.  Assess the student- conduct a brief screening of the student for class placement.


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It's the Little Things That Make a BIG Difference

Whenever I see the aftermath of a forest fire, I automatically think about all the trees and bushes that were destroyed. After a fire is over, the land is black and lifeless.  On Saturday, this topic was brought up while traveling with my husband.   He reminded me of a little fun fact that I want to share with you today.

Little Fun Fact:
Some plants and trees actually need fires in order to survive.  A number of plants rely on fire to release their seeds.

The jack pine, found mostly in the very northern parts of central and eastern US and Canada, is very thick and hard.  They hang on a tree for years without opening up to release their seeds.  When a fire sweeps through a forest of jack pines, the heat opens up the cone.  The seeds are then released.  The land will soon regain its beauty.

From that simple seed, we just might have a strong and thriving forest again.  This would have never happened without the heat of that fire.

I can't help but make a connection with this "fun fact" and our roles as educators.  

School leaders and educators are under constant pressures.  These pressures can be the likeness of the fire in the forest.  We, the leaders, are the pine cones.  Despite the pressure and intense heat we face, we do not crumble.

Never underestimate the pine cone.  In appearance, the pine cone is little.  But little things can make a big difference.  Did you know that one of the factors that differentiate great leaders from the rest is their ability to cope with pressure, thrive under that pressure, and lead their team through high-pressure situations?  That very thought made be think of this question: Why do some leaders handle pressure better than others and some simply crumble?

Attitude is key.  Attitude is always in play.  It is either playing as a negative force or a positive force.  For you see attitude has the ability to motivate and inspire or it has the ability to tear you down and those around you too.  Attitude is a mindset of determination, grit and strong will.  Attitude can also be self-doubt, uncertainty, and constant worry.  The pressures we face can have both negative and positive impacts on our performance.  You will either handle those pressures or you will crumble.

It all starts with your attitude.  


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5 Ways to Boost School Morale That Won't Cost You a Dime

School morale is often overlooked and underrated. Morale has been identified as having the biggest impact on student achievement and teacher retention. It is also a powerful force that brings about change. Despite these big impacts, it gets pushed aside. Teachers need morale building more this year than any other year. Teaching is hard. Teaching is hard, even on the easiest of days. Now, more than any other year, is the perfect time for the leader of the building to rally the staff together.

If you’re looking to boost the morale of your campus, here are 5 things in which principals can do that won't cost a dime.

I was asked just a few days ago this question: "To what degree, if any, does the school principal have to do with campus morale? My answer: EVERYTHING. The principal has everything to do with building and boosting morale.

"The success of your school depends on your ability to motivate."- McConnell

1. Family

There is clearly something to say about leading a school with a family approach. Treat your staff like family. Have each other’s back and always help one another improve. This simple approach creates a sense of belonging. We care for each other. We cry for each other. We also bicker with each other. But at the end of the day, we are better together than apart.

Tip 1: Create a sense of family.

2. Relationships are key

Do you really know your staff and do they really know you? It is easier to motivate when you truly know your staff. Relationships really do matter. Developing those relationships takes time. It is imperative that the people you work with trust you, respect you, have confidence in you, and want to work with you. You must continue to earn those trusting relationships every day. My mindset changed over the years. I noticed my mindset went from I work "with you" to I work "for you." When we change our mindset to that of service, we have an opportunity to really grow those relationships.

Tip 2: Build and repair relationships.

3. Lead
Leadership is about sharing, giving, and making those around you better. Leadership is about uniting and inspiring your team to perform. Leadership is much more than just a position of authority. Teachers want to trust their leaders, but many don't really know "the person" that is leading them. Lead with kindness and intention. Leadership by fear limits the growth of your staff and the opportunities for achievement. Seek to serve, rather than be served.

Tip 3: Be the leader you would follow.

4. Support

Support your teachers. The role of a principal in supporting teachers can be challenging at times, but absolutely necessary. I know I have made a ton of mistakes and even questioned my own actions on a lot of things over my years a principal, but I have tried to make it a priority to always support my teachers. Just this week I spoke to a teacher who is having a very difficult time at her school. It appears that this teacher has a lack of support from the principal. Everyone you work with deserves respect in the workplace. Give teachers the support they need to be successful. When teachers are successful, students are successful.

Tip: Treat everyone like they make a difference and they will.

5. Encourage Growth

Encourage your staff to grow. They will become more productive as a result of it. Teacher development not only benefits the teacher and the students, but it will benefit your entire school overall. Make sure professional development is a priority. Take a look at your data to determine areas in need of a little fine-tuning. Hone in on those areas and provide training that is relevant and easy to implement. Another way to encourage growth is to encourage teamwork and networking on the campus. Create a healthy environment that supports teachers working with their colleagues. When teachers feel they have the opportunity to grow, they will strive to meet expectations. They want to see their school be the best it can be. Power is greatest when we are all leading the way.

Tip: When principals encourage teacher growth, teacher morale also increases.

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Create Your Online Portfolio for your Next Interview: Tutorial

Looking for a way to impress the interview committee and show your tech skills?  An online portfolio is a modern tool being used by many candidates.  Let me share a little about why you might want to consider creating this online portfolio.

First Things First:  Why?

An online portfolio is a great visual representation of your achievements, your background, and digital proof of what you can do.    Digital media allows you to add a video introduction, images of you completing tasks that relate to the position, and a great place to add your Entry Plan, Resume, Reference Letters, and a Presentation.  Think of it as a HUB for all of your great documents.

What Software Should You Use?
If you are hoping to land a job right and looking for a FREE site, Weebly is my best recommendation.

It is easy even if you are a beginner in digital platforms.

STEP 1: After you create a Weebly account, pick the theme you that fits your needs.  Since we are wanting to create a portfolio, it only seems appropriate to click portfolio.

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

Here are the choices of portfolio themes.  Don't worry about what it looks like because you can customize it.  Just find the theme with the LAYOUT that you like.

STEP 2: Start customizing your site.  This part is easier to show you with a video tutorial.  To view the video- you will need FLASH on your computer.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Create your own slideshow - Powered by Smilebox
Customize your own picture slideshow

STEP 3: Password Protect Your Site
I highly recommend protecting your information on a site that contains all of your information.  If you do not, anyone can locate your site and view your name, address, telephone number, and any other information from your resumes and documents on the site.  *Note: To use this feature of password protecting your site the free version is not available.  You will need to Upgrade your account to enable this feature.  It is well worth the price to protect your identity from being stolen.
Compare pricing guide here.

STEP 4: Publish
The site cannot be viewed without clicking publish.

STEP 5:  
Place your link on your resume and other documents for the interview committee to use.  Make sure the link is hyperlinked properly so it works for the committee.  You can check this by placing the URL (link) into your address bar of your search engine (Google, Safari, Firefox, etc)

Make sure the committee has the password to unlock the contents if you decided to password protect your Portfolio.  

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

Need some interview questions and an entry plan?


It is very easy to add an image at the top and your contact information.    Under the header, I added a short video message and a photograph of me for the committee to view before the meeting.  I created the video using QuickTime on my Mac.   I then uploaded it to YouTube but under an Unpublished Link.  This keeps anyone from viewing it unless they have the link.  As soon as you make your video just upload it into Weebly.  

The Video Message (7 mins): I took a few minutes to introduce myself by sharing my background, a little about my campus (population size of students and staff, grade levels, campus demographics, etc), and I mentioned a few awards I have received and a few awards my campus has received.  I shared three strengths of mine and a very short explanation of why these are important in a principal.  I ended by sharing what I will bring with me to an interview but a lot of the files can be viewed before the meeting.  Then I ended by thanking them for the opportunity to interview with them.  

Since the first interview may be short, I added a few important pieces of information to share with the committee.  I feel communication, discipline, data, public relations, and parent involvement are critical.  Therefore, I decided to share how I would address these as a principal on the campus.  If you are considering this section, add areas that are your strengths and topics that really showcase your expertise.   

I made all my documents downloadable and viewable.  I also added the last two years of my state accountability ratings.   
As you may already know you can add a photo gallery to your Weebly site.  I added a few images of some items I use on a daily basis.  This lets the committee see more of my strengths and skills.

This last section is a short presentation slideshow of a little about me, my campus, and how I motivate students, staff, and why they should consider me for the position.


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How to Print 600 Color Copies for less than $10

Printing has been a hot topic in my home.  I go through new ink cartridges in just a matter of a few weeks.  Before I know it, I'm spending over $70 to replace the ink cartridges in my printer.  Moreover, printing service companies are just as expensive as printing it yourself.

 I knew there had to be a better way.

I went to Best Buy and found a very nice man who understood my troubles.  He shared with me how he is a presenter/speaker on the side.  He prints tons of manuals using his HP Printer.  He told me about HP Instant Ink. Before the Instant Ink service, he was spending a ton of money on ink to print his manuals.

To be honest, I am typically a bit skeptical of this kind of stuff because if it sounds too good to be usually is.  But I was willing to give it a try.  I really had nothing to lose at this point.  All I knew at this point was I wasn't going to spend another $70 on ink this week.

Here are some pictures that help explain the program.


Make sure your printer is eligible.

I did purchase a new printer but, you may not need a new one.  There is a list of printers that will work with this program.  My printers (yes, I had more than one color printer) were in need of an update.  I decided on the HP Office Jet Pro 6968.  (Note:  Your printer must be eligible.  Just check the list to see if your printer will work with the plan.)

Using the image above, Frequent Printing (300-page plan):
As you can see I will only spend $120 this entire year on ink.  I will save around $700 this year on printing.  With the amount of printing I do on a normal basis, I really think my savings are more in the $900 range.

Simply pick the plan that works best for your printing needs.  If you have a lot of printing, go with the plan that gives you more copies.

I was interested in the $9.99 per month plan because of my printing needs.  I can switch month-to-month and pick a cheaper plan.  But I have a big conference coming up and I need a lot of copies.
I am on the $9.99 plan for this month.

What the plan does for me:

The ink will be shipped straight to my house.  The printer knows when I am running low on ink.  It keeps track of all my copies.  With my $9.99 plan, I can print 300 copies.  If I go over 300 copies, I can print another 25 pages for just $1. 

No more running out of ink or worrying about spending tons of money on replacing cartridges.  

When I signed up, I received an extra 300 copies (extra month free)!  This month I can print my 600 copies in black/white or color for less than $10!

If I don't use all the copies for the month, it rolls over!

It is that simple.  It is that good.


My ink cartridges are sent by mail.  Service is NOT based on how many cartridges you use, so print as many high-quality photos as you like.

You will receive the ink BEFORE you need it.  No more running out of ink!

Enjoy the freedom of not stressing over the costs and running out of ink.  It is totally worth my sanity and a lot less "heated debates" in my home.

Doesn't this sound great?  I am thrilled to have this feature.  If you're interested in the ease of printing and saving money, you can use my referral link, here.

You might find the information below helpful when making your decision.
Q and A's

What are the requirements to enroll? 
An eligible HP printer, Internet (so they know when to send you the ink), an email address, and payment for billing purposes.

Will I get cartridges every month?
NO, you will only get cartridges when your printer tells HP Instant Ink you need them.  The ink cartridges are extra high capacity, and they contain months-worth of ink depending on your usage.

Is the cost the same for photos, color, and black and white pages?
Yes!  You can print full-color photos, color documents, or high-quality black and white pages.  Each page costs the same.  Your monthly fee is based on the number of pages you print, not on the amount of ink you use!

When will HP send replacement cartridges?
HP will send you cartridges before you run out of ink.  When your enrolled printer is connected to the internet, your printer automatically orders ink for you because it knows when you are low on ink.  Cartridges are sent using standard shipping, so they might take up to 10 business days to arrive, however, your printer will take shipping time and regular ink usage into account when it orders your ink.

What if you do not use all of your pages in the month?
They roll over to the next month!

Where is this available?
Currently, the program is only available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and France.  They are planning on expanding, so keep checking back on the HP Instant Ink site for updates on when HP Instant Ink will be available in other countries.

*I do not share products unless I totally believe in them.  This is my honest reflection of the service and how it has helped me.

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World's Best Grammar Checker for Free!

I have been blogging for three years now.  I have to admit I have made some careless mistakes over the years.  Several mistakes were just because I was in a rush or just flat out tired from a long day of work.  Since I spend a lot of time writing, I thought about hiring an editor.  However, hiring an editor was just not an option.  That could just get too expensive.   I didn't want to hire an editor to check every piece of work- emails, documents, social media, and campaigns.

A few months ago, I began searching the internet for just the right tool to use.

I found a solution.  My solution is a free tool called Grammarly.  It is known as The World's Best Grammar Checker!  Since Grammarly worked so well for me, I thought you should all know about this free tool too.

Since I downloaded the tool to my computer, I have never looked back.  This free writing app makes sure everything I type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Take a look at my computer screen below to see how Grammarly works.

I omitted the "s" in the word challenges to show how Grammarly catches even the smallest mistakes.

Grammarly will appear in my emails and even in this blog with a green circle.  When it catches a mistake, the error will appear red and I'm provided a suggestion.
Grammarly Logo

Here are some other great features:

Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Style, and Spelling!

Grammarly allows for school accounts too.  You can set up an account for your entire school.  Students and teachers can simply upload their document or it can check it right inside Microsoft Word.

I decided many months ago to just install the free browser extension for Chrome and Safari.  This allows me to use Grammarly on every site on the web.  Adding Grammarly to my Safari and Chrome extension means that my spelling and grammar will be vetted on GMAIL, Facebook, Twitter, and nearly everywhere I write on the web.

Grammarly has a ton of extra features not included in the free version.  In Grammarly Premium, you can supercharge your writing performance and leave no error unchecked.  Grammarly Premium gives you vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, provides citation suggestions, as well as, gives suggestions for different writing styles, including academic, technical, and creative.

This post was proofread by Grammarly

I hope you find this helpful.  If your profession calls for a little writing or even a lot of writing, check out Grammarly.  It's FREE!

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School-Wide Student Incentive Chart

Super Star Squares- an inexpensive way to motivate students on your campus.  This is a great school-wide implementation but, it can be easily used in individual classrooms as well.

Take a look at Super Star Squares.  

How to use Super Star Squares:

Option A: Individual Classroom
Print the chart in 8x10 for individual classrooms. Teachers display the chart in a central location in the classroom. 

Option B: School-Wide
Enlarge in poster size for the entire school.  Display the large poster in a common area of the school.  For example, the main hallway or office door.  

2.  Students will sign their name to a square as they are caught being good or recognized for their positive behavior.  They can pick any square.  

When you see a student being good or displaying great leadership skills, instruct them to go sign a square.  If this is being implemented in every classroom, the students will sign the one located in the classroom.  If school-wide, students will sign the one large poster in the common area.

3.  Explain to students the "what, when, why, and how" of the incentives.  Students need to know what are the expectations to get to sign the chart.  Explain when the rewards will take place and what the reward will be.  The rewards can be as large or small as you see necessary.  Some suggestions- pizza with the principal, extra recess, special seating, etc... Pick a day for the reward and inform your staff so they can make this a priority in the classrooms.

4.  Draw a number or numbers from the draw pile.  Call the number or numbers out over the intercom.  The students will be listening for their number to be called.  These students will earn the reward.  If you call out the number 8, all the number 8's from every classroom will come to the office on the day of the reward.  If you have a small school, think about calling out more than one number so more students can participate.

Another option:  This is a great motivational tool for the cafeteria.  We all know the cafeteria can be wild.  Use the poster to reward positive cafeteria behavior as well.

5.  Repeat this throughout the year so students can earn rewards from the principal.

If you do not have a poster maker, here is a post about how I took an 8x10 piece of paper and created a poster from it.


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