It's the Little Things That Make a BIG Difference

Whenever I see the aftermath of a forest fire, I automatically think about all the trees and bushes that were destroyed. After a fire is over, the land is black and lifeless.  On Saturday, this topic was brought up while traveling with my husband.   He reminded me of a little fun fact that I want to share with you today.

Little Fun Fact:
Some plants and trees actually need fires in order to survive.  A number of plants rely on fire to release their seeds.

The jack pine, found mostly in the very northern parts of central and eastern US and Canada, is very thick and hard.  They hang on a tree for years without opening up to release their seeds.  When a fire sweeps through a forest of jack pines, the heat opens up the cone.  The seeds are then released.  The land will soon regain its beauty.

From that simple seed, we just might have a strong and thriving forest again.  This would have never happened without the heat of that fire.

I can't help but make a connection with this "fun fact" and our roles as educators.  

School leaders and educators are under constant pressures.  These pressures can be the likeness of the fire in the forest.  We, the leaders, are the pine cones.  Despite the pressure and intense heat we face, we do not crumble.

Never underestimate the pine cone.  In appearance, the pine cone is little.  But little things can make a big difference.  Did you know that one of the factors that differentiate great leaders from the rest is their ability to cope with pressure, thrive under that pressure, and lead their team through high-pressure situations?  That very thought made be think of this question: Why do some leaders handle pressure better than others and some simply crumble?

Attitude is key.  Attitude is always in play.  It is either playing as a negative force or a positive force.  For you see attitude has the ability to motivate and inspire or it has the ability to tear you down and those around you too.  Attitude is a mindset of determination, grit and strong will.  Attitude can also be self-doubt, uncertainty, and constant worry.  The pressures we face can have both negative and positive impacts on our performance.  You will either handle those pressures or you will crumble.

It all starts with your attitude.  

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