School-Wide Student Incentive Chart

Super Star Squares- an inexpensive way to motivate students on your campus.  This is a great school-wide implementation but, it can be easily used in individual classrooms as well.

Take a look at Super Star Squares.  

How to use Super Star Squares:

Option A: Individual Classroom
Print the chart in 8x10 for individual classrooms. Teachers display the chart in a central location in the classroom. 

Option B: School-Wide
Enlarge in poster size for the entire school.  Display the large poster in a common area of the school.  For example, the main hallway or office door.  

2.  Students will sign their name to a square as they are caught being good or recognized for their positive behavior.  They can pick any square.  

When you see a student being good or displaying great leadership skills, instruct them to go sign a square.  If this is being implemented in every classroom, the students will sign the one located in the classroom.  If school-wide, students will sign the one large poster in the common area.

3.  Explain to students the "what, when, why, and how" of the incentives.  Students need to know what are the expectations to get to sign the chart.  Explain when the rewards will take place and what the reward will be.  The rewards can be as large or small as you see necessary.  Some suggestions- pizza with the principal, extra recess, special seating, etc... Pick a day for the reward and inform your staff so they can make this a priority in the classrooms.

4.  Draw a number or numbers from the draw pile.  Call the number or numbers out over the intercom.  The students will be listening for their number to be called.  These students will earn the reward.  If you call out the number 8, all the number 8's from every classroom will come to the office on the day of the reward.  If you have a small school, think about calling out more than one number so more students can participate.

Another option:  This is a great motivational tool for the cafeteria.  We all know the cafeteria can be wild.  Use the poster to reward positive cafeteria behavior as well.

5.  Repeat this throughout the year so students can earn rewards from the principal.

If you do not have a poster maker, here is a post about how I took an 8x10 piece of paper and created a poster from it.

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