Create An Administrator Binder- Principal, Assistant Principal, Director

I have shared my principal binder with you many times over the years.  Each year, I try and perfect the design and layout.  I think this may be right at perfection.  Take a look at the binders that have been recently updated.  I hope to have all my other binders updated very soon.

I surveyed over 100+ school leaders to see what they would like me to include or change.  Here are their responses:

  • make several pages editable 
  • make the pages ink-friendly
  • remove any dates to keep it from being printed year-after-year.


How to Edit:

You will need to download the FREE version of Adobe Reader.  Adobe allows you to add your own text to the forms.  However, if you do not prefer the digital format, the PDF's can be printed.  Simply print and write on each form.

Calendars - Two Layouts

Daily - Glance at Your Day (Week-by-Week)

Monthly - Glance at Your Month

 Here is a look at the printed calendar.  Since I love to focus on Staff/Student Morale, I made a section to plan each month's morale booster ideas!  There is a space for staff birthdays, Morale Booster Ideas, and Celebrations/Recognitions for Staff and Students!  Never miss an opportunity to celebrate all the great things you are doing.


The files come in a zipped folder.  Just unzip the folder and all the files are labeled so you can quickly locate what you need.

If the technology pieces worry you, no fear!  I even created a 5 page handout (included in the zipped folder) for your reference.

Ready to download?  Here's the link to my TpT Store

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