Lead Your School with Purpose

On Sunday, I attended church service that left me inspired.  I love the sermon- Restart in My Purpose.    The sermon was about how we all have a purpose in this life.  Sometimes we go through life fulfilling day-to-day tasks never thinking about that purpose.  We aren't on this earth just to be present.

I couldn't help but make a connection to our career paths.  What is your purpose in your position?  Most of the time your purpose is related to your passion.

My passion came immediately to mind.  I love to invest in others.  I want others to win.  I want the men and women leading our schools to know I'm rooting for them to win.  I hope this blog platform helps to make your job easier by providing just what you need.

I truly hope my passion comes across to you in my blog posts.  Today, my wish is to leave you inspired to have an amazing Purpose-Driven Leadership.   Lead with all intention to do good for your students, your teachers, and your community.

All great achievements start with a passion.  Passion fuels you.  It motivates you to keep going even when you think you have nothing else to give.  Grab hold of your passion.  Your passion is needed to discover your purpose.

Purpose is Necessary

People seek purpose.  We all want to feel that our lives have a deeper meaning that goes beyond the paychecks.  When you feel and your team feels like what they do matters, your school will succeed.

Today, if you haven't found your purpose, take a look at what brings you fulfillment.  What motivates you to do what you do?  Share your purpose and your passion with your team.

Begin and end every week with letting your team know they are part of something big...something great...  They are all part of something very important.

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