Principal 90 Day Plan- Digital Resource

A first-year principal position can be an exciting time for you and, it can be a very daunting year.  I hope your very first year as a school leader is absolutely amazing and filled with great memories.  In order to tackle all the duties and responsibilities, I created this 90-day plan.

Feel free to download it and use it as your own guide or use it to tackle your own 90-day plan. We are all in this boat together so why not share our very best resources with each other.

Why a Principal Entry Plan?  

Think of this way.  Most every business has some kind of plan.  There are plans for airline pilots, servicemen, medical care teams, etc...   Plans give these individuals the tools/checklists they need to accomplish their duties.  This is the same for principals and other school leaders.  This Principal Entry Plan is your basic operating procedures manual or checklist.  As you accomplish each task, just check it off.  As you think of another task, just add it to your list.  The plan is editable via Google Docs.

Principal Entry Plan-First 90 Days

ACCESS TO THE PLAN- Right click on the link and save the document to your computer.  This will allow you to edit.


As you may know, I have a brief Principal Entry Plan too.  It is a shortened overview of the basics.
Sections- Introductions, Goals for the School, Professional Learning, School Culture and Climate.  You can grab this shortened version in the Interview Packet found here.

The shortened plan is perfect for interviews and committee handouts.

Shortened Principal Entry Plan for Interviews and Committee


The 90-Day Principal Plan is longer and more detailed.  This is a guide for when you land the position.  I made it in Google Docs which allows you to continue to add to the plan.  Since each school is unique, customizing it for your needs is essential.


  1. Go to the Link to Download the 90-Day Entry Plan; (Right Click it)
  2. Make a Copy of the Document; 
  3. Edit Your Copy


This allows you to customize your own covers.  There are 10 cover design choices.  You will need the FREE version of ADOBE Reader to edit the boxes.

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