One Word: Word of the Year Idea

Do you choose a word of the year?  I know it is hard to decide on just one word!  However, over the last few years, I have made a focus on one word for the year.  Last year, my word was courageous.


Having courageous as my mantra and one word for the year, I was able to push myself to do and try new things.  Never did I expect my one word to be such a focus and guide me through the year as I did this last year.

As we approach just a day away from 2020, I want to share with you my word for the new year.  My word for 2020 is relentless.  I have several new things coming this year.  My biggest project is a book that has been in the works for several months.  My other books, Morale Magic™ and Morale Magic Mini, are ebooks and have been a big success.  I can't wait to share with you new project for school leaders and many other things.  To me, being relentless means there is no end to self-improvement.

In 2018, we did an activity outside and made a wish for the new year.  You can read more about that here.

If you are looking for ideas for the entire year, check out my Trello Board.  If you haven't heard of TRELLO, it is like a big Pinterest board but allows everyone to collaborate and share resources.  I have always said that the best leaders are leaders who work as a team!

Principal Principles Trello Board

Happy New Year!  I wish you great success and happiness.

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  1. Your Trullo board isn't accepting new people! Is there a way to work with it still?


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