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As you may know, I love to show my appreciation and love to my staff.  I keep in mind that not everyone loves food treats. Therefore, I like to mix it up a little.  I recently purchased a couple of fun items from Amazon that I must show off.

1.  You're Awesome - 30 pop-open cards

I love these because they're a little bit of a surprise.  Who doesn't like opening a little surprise message?  The messages are simple, yet beautifully packaged.  I also like to mention there is no prep in this.   At our next meeting, I will share the cards with the staff and allow them time to read the cards.

Also available are You Matter Theme and Shine Theme.

You're Awesome Cards can be located on Amazon.

Each box contains 30 cards with a different message on each card.

Each message is sealed, but they easily open by pulling the edge away.

I didn't take a picture of the back of the card, but each card has a writing space if you want to add a special note.


I read the description before ordering, but I noticed a few customers did not realize the size of the cards.  I think I like the idea of the size being small.  It is just a cute little card with a positive message.

If you like the cards, they have them for kids too!

I can't remember the last time the campus had such great laughs so early in the morning.  We have some staff who have a great sense of humor, so these cups were perfect.

I sent my staff a message as I do at least once a week via Remind.  I said, "It's okay to pick your nose today!  Not literally!  Enjoy your cup of coffee in a fun cup!"

This is not be best picture of me, but it shows the cup off perfectly.

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I post on social media every day!  I love to share a day in the life of a principal, so I hope you are following along.

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  1. I am a school counselor in Central Texas and I want to encourage my principal to really utilize these ideas, but she is resistant. What would you suggest I do? (We have really low test scores so I know she is preoccupied with that)

    1. My staff works hard when they realize and know how appreciative I am of them. Morale is a huge piece of the campus success story. In addition, you can do things that don't require entire campus buy in - a shout out, a note of encouragement, or note in their box does not require permission in my opinion. Go for it! Spread joy!


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