WIN TIME: Fearlessly Transforming Your School

Everyone talks about wanting to have an academically high-performing campus and a campus in which the students and staff love to show up every day.  But very few school leaders talk about what it actually takes to create this kind of environment.  Even fewer school leaders will share their failures so openly.  Therefore, I am co-authoring a book called WIN Time: Fearlessly Transforming Your School.  In this book, we share our success strategies and our hearts with the world.  This book challenges you to change the conversations we are having with each other from what we can't do to what we can do.

Several long months ago, my superintendent (Morris Lyon) and I were called to write a book. We couldn't stop thinking about it, so we went for it. WIN Time is the exact kind of leadership book I wish I had several years ago. It is motivating and strategy-filled, and it changes how you look at what you do or why you are doing the things you are doing. 

Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you ever feel stuck trying to find a way to provide the interventions and enrichments for your students?

Do you have a system to monitor student growth? 

WIN Time will equip you with ideas to be inspired to take action to transform your campus.

WIN Time: Fearlessly Transforming Your School


Defining WIN Time

Summarizes what the definition of WIN time is and why you should implement the system on your campus.

Following the path to success

Describes each step along the path to success so you can create your win.

Building a team

Outlines how to assemble a winning team and how to keep your team focused for the win.

Visioning your win

Outlines why a vision is important, how you can get started, and how to successfully implement the system.

Managing change

Explains how to effectively communicate change and how to handle push back and resistance to change.

Sustaining your win

Describes how to sustain the WIN system which can lead to student achievements and the development of staff.

I believe successful schools must have strong and effective leaders. The fundamental purpose for writing this book is to assist you as your transform your school into a true, high-performing school and to help you improve student achievement and learning. I hope that by sharing our experiences and what we have learned, we can help you on this journey.

- Stephanie, Author and Principal

A true learner-centered school is composed of professionals with a passion for learning. If we, as educators, can model a love for learning, it sends a powerful message to the students. I have learned many lessons over the past twenty years as an administrator. Hopefully, some of the lessons shared in the book will make your journey a little easier. Remember to be your best self, build relationships, be grateful, lead with passion, and always model a love for learning.

- Morris Lyon, Author and Superintendent

WIN Time: Fearlessly Transforming Your School

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