Remote Staff Appreciation Ideas for 2020

During our school closure for COVID 19, I have had to be creative about planning ways to show my appreciation to my staff.  I have to admit I have stressed over this for weeks.  It is a little harder than the typical "on-campus" morale boosters and appreciation ideas.

I hope you love the ideas for Remote Staff Appreciation.  I also hope my own staff enjoys some of these ideas too.  I don't have a big budget, so I definitely can't do all of these ideas.  I will either have to scale down my shopping plans or be very intentional searching some great sales.

I made a shopping cart on Amazon for items if you need a quick shopping list.

This is a Google Docs file. You will be prompted to create a copy in your own drive. This will give you the editable features to add your own text to areas that are editable.

1. We Are In This Together

5x7 card to be mailed (6 color options)

2. Create a Game Night and Pizza Pick Up curbside. 

Shop small businesses to help you create a pizza to be picked up. Send out invitations via email or mail to your staff inviting them to pick up their meal. If funds are available, include a deck of cards or board game for family game night at home. Another option is to create a virtual game for the staff to enjoy together.

3. Jimmy Fallon's Classroom Instrument Happy Hour

Share a video of Jimmy Fallon and his classroom instrument from YouTube. Invite your staff to find something around the house to use as their instrument. In advance, ask one of your musically talented staff members to be the vocalist. Set up a virtual call with your staff and have everyone play along. No talent required. Just fun!

4. Hello Sunshine

Create a bag with yellow treats such as lemon drops or butterscotch candy.

5. Lockdown Survival Kit

As teachers are prepping for summer and coming up to clean their classrooms, have a survival kit ready for pickup. Fill a bag with a magazine, a gift card, or treats to enjoy at home.

6. Wash Your Hands

Create a gift tag to attach to a bottle of soap or a bottle of hand sanitizer.


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