Return To School Plan in Response to COVID-19

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of business preparedness and contingency planning, as we are learning, has never been more valuable than now. School leaders are now facing the new challenge of continuing educational efforts while maintaining required health safety standards and ensuring that we are prepared before the 1st day of school. 

In order for us to successfully begin a new school year safely and responsibly together, each day this week I will be posting my school's resources and other helpful content to the blog and the Principal Principles Leadership Group. I encourage you to follow along each day to share/find materials, tips, links, ideas, etc., for back-to-school in response to COVID-19.


Today, I want to share with you my school's Return to School Plan along with links to multiple other documents. Feel free to use the documents as a guide for your campus!


1. The top priority is ensuring the safety of the staff and students. 
2. Leverage the WHO and CDC sites, as well as local government agencies for critical health information.
3. Health protocols and safety regulations are changing frequently while new information is being discovered about COVID-19. With this, ensure that your RTS plan is a "living" guide for staff and students to reference frequently for any updates.

Hawkins ISD Back to School Guide_COVID19

 The Return to School Guide is broken down into three main sections. 
  1. SECTION I: Safety of Students, Staff, and Visitors
  2. SECTION II. Academics and Home-Based Learning
  3. SECTION III. Extracurricular and District-Wide Planning

The guide is posted on my school's site, Hawkins ISD Strong Start. The site is created in Google Sites and has been helpful for staff and parents to find information for this school year all in one location. The site includes printables you may find helpful including: 

  1. Confirmed COVID19 Case in the Workplace 
  2. Confirmed COVID19 Employee
  3. Employee Confirmed Case
  4. Flowchart- Employee (not editable)
  5. Flowchart- Student (not editable)
  6. District Return to School Plan
  7. Parent Commitment Form
  8. Recent Travel Form
  9. Self-Screening Form
  10. Signage for the Building
  11. Suspected COVID19 Case
  12. Temperature Check
  13. Transportation 
  14. Visitor Self Screening

Hawkins ISD Back to School Resources


Follow the directions below to access a copy of the editable files.

1.  Click on the linked documents above
2.  Download the file to YOUR computer (no need to request access).  This will allow you to edit the Word Document.

Editable school signage for COVID-19

Editable school signage for COVID-19


Stay tuned for more content tomorrow where I will share virtual staff morale ideas. Don't forget to visit the Principal Principles Leadership Group to share/find more back-to-school content from other school leaders! 

Return-to-School Guidebook for 2020_COVID19

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  2. I am unable to access the editable documents....

    1. Hi Deanna! Thank you for letting me know. I've updated the instructions so it's a big more clear. If you click on the links you should have the option to download the file and it will allow you to edit within Word. I hope that helps!

  3. You have a comment- "go to my google drive", but how do we get there? I can't access the editable documents.

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thank you for letting me know. I've updated the instructions so it's a big more clear. If you click on the links you should have the option to download the file and it will allow you to edit within Word. I hope that helps!

  4. thank you- I saw that and it is! I was able to grab the documents. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for the resources! Do you have a copy of the Return to School Presentation that you are utilizing to train staff upon return?

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