Planning for Back-to-School Meet-the-Teacher in 2020

It's Day 3 of the Back-to-School Resources Week! Today's topic is all about how to successfully plan for Meet-the-Teacher upon returning to school.

Meet-the-Teacher Night will be very different from previous years for many schools due to COVID-19. With capacity limits, health and safety guidelines, and multiple other concerns, it has been a challenge to plan. 

However, I believe we can help each other create a great experience for our teachers, parents, and students by sharing recommendations and ideas into the Meet-the-Teacher process. ✨


Here is a deep dive into my school's Meet-the-Teacher night: 

To reduce the number of individuals on campus at one time, Meet-the-Teacher night will be restructured to a full day of rotating supports for families. We have taken the student population and divided them out by last name (A-D, E-H, I-L, M-O, P-S, T-V, W-Z).

During the day, families will be invited to the school in phases and small groups to check out devices, meet the teachers, and attend small group stations to learn how to best support and guide their student’s daily learning.

Before the families visit each station, they will have to pass through a checkpoint where they will be asked questions related to COVID-19, have their temperature taken, and will be asked to wear their masks throughout the stations. They will also receive a sticker to wear which lets us know that they completed the checkpoint and are cleared to enter the building.

Once they have completed this step, they will then begin the station rotation process. The stations are as follows: 

  • Station 1: Demonstration of Google Classroom, SeeSaw
    • Teachers who are well-versed in Google Classroom will conduct the demonstration of the tool. This gives the teacher(s) critical leadership responsibilities and an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of others! 
    • During the demonstration, the teacher will show parents how to log in, submit assignments, check grades, etc.
    • This presentation will be recorded so parents can reference it later.

  • Station 2: Deploy Student Devices
    • At this station, parents will pick up a Chrome book and a hot spot (if needed). They will also sign a technology agreement. 

  • Station 3: Meet the Principal - Discussion of Safety Protocols
    • This station will take place in the cafeteria and is where the parents will learn about safety protocols that are outlined in the Return-to-School plan.
    • If you don't have a Return-to-School plan yet, don't worry. I've got you covered. Go here to download my school's plan and multiple other documents related to back-to-school/COVID-19 for free. There is no need to request access (you can just download the file to get started). 

  • Station 4: Meet the Teacher
    • This station will take place in the classroom. The structure of this station won't be too different from previous years other than it is on a much smaller scale.


If a parent is not able to or isn't comfortable attending Meet-the-Teacher in-person I recommend: 

  1. Creating teacher introductory videos and posting them on your Google Classroom or emailing them to parents

  2. Utilizing a scheduling tool like SignUp Genius for parents to schedule a video chat with their teacher

  3. Recording a classroom tour so students can see where they will be learning once school resumes. Feel free to also record other spaces like the library, cafeteria, playground, and other spaces!


Stay tuned for more content tomorrow where I will share online student learning and professional development resources! To be notified when this content is launched, sign up for the Principal Principles Newsletter. Don't forget to visit the Principal Principles Leadership Group to share/find more back-to-school content from other school leaders! 

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  1. As a novice assistant principal, I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into this back to school meet the teacher plan. I will be sharing with my colleagues as we prepare for the upcoming school year. - Andrea

  2. As a novice assistant principal, I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into this back to school meet the teacher plan. I will be sharing with my colleagues as we prepare for the upcoming school year. - Andrea

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that you find the information helpful!

  3. Really thoughtful idea.

  4. Thank you for sharing. My Admin Team and I are meeting about this very topic this morning.

  5. This is very helpful and a great starting point to now make it work for us. My admin team will be making a video to go with Back to School that shows students and parents arrival and dismissal procedures - where to go, what to do after exiting the car or bus, walking the routes, etc.

    1. I love that idea! I think that will be super helpful for the students and parents. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wonderful resource- great graphics and layout. I can't thank you enough for being able to use these resources!

    1. Of course!! I'm happy to hear that you find them helpful!

  7. I greatly appreciate you sharing the Response to COVID-19 resources and making them editable.

    1. Of course! We have to all help each other out during these times. :) That I could help!

  8. Thanks a lot. Really it's a very helpful information.

  9. Thank you! How long does each station last?

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