Staff Appreciation and Morale Ideas

It's day two of the Back-to-School Resources Week! Today, I will be sharing tips and ideas on how to engage staff and boost employee morale virtually. I encourage you to also share your ideas/resources by posting a comment in the Principal Principles Leadership Groupwhich is where you can find more back-to-school content from other school leaders! 

Even though we have school closures due to COVID-19, we can still express appreciation for staff/employees.

 We just need to get creative!  ✨


In my recent post, Remote Staff Appreciation Ideas for 2020, I share six ideas that are budget-friendly. I've also created editable downloads for you and an Amazon cart to easily find all the supplies you need to get started!



Earlier this year I purchased a couple of fun items on Amazon that were a huge hit! 
  1. "You're Awesome" Pop-Open Cards - Simple, no prep, and budget-friendly! 
  2. Pick Your Nose Cups - Funny and budget-friendly. We had so many laughs!
Go here to read more about these two fun/creative morale boosters.  


Staff Appreciation and Employee Morale

If you are a follower of Principal Principles, then you know that Morale Magicis our #1 seller for boosting employee morale. New to Principal Principles? No worries! Here is a quick overview: 

  • Morale Magic™ is an ebook that includes over 500 pages of content
  • It includes both book content pages for reading and printables for each month  
  • A digital copy is sent to you via email after purchase so you have instant access

If you've already purchased Morale Magic™ or would like something on a smaller scale, I recommend the Morale Magic™ Mini. It is a smaller scale than our first book (contains over 100 pages) and is all NEW content than the full Morale Magic™ ebook.


Stay tuned for more content tomorrow where I will share how my school is approaching Meet the Teacher! To be notified when this content is launch, sign up for the Principal Principles Newsletter. Don't forget to visit the Principal Principles Leadership Group to share/find more back-to-school content from other school leaders! 

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  1. Hi. I am just curious how you pay for all of these items for your staff? Thanks!

  2. I would say this is one of the best article from beginning to end you nailed it totally as we provide employee appreciation ideas online. For more information, visit our site.

  3. One of the simplest employee benefits to show your staff appreciation and boost morale is to give them an afternoon off or a free gym membership.


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