Checklists to Guide School Leaders: COVID-19

We have been in school for 3 weeks, and it has been a very good start to our non-traditional method of teaching.  We have students both in remote and on-campus.  Parents get to choose their pathway.  Even though some students are designated remote and some on-campus, we have students flowing from remote back into the classroom and vice versa depending on their home situation.  For the most part, students will stay in remote for the grading period.  However, if a face-to-face student is quarantined, they will then become a temporary remote learner.  

This process can be very difficult to keep organized.  

Even though we have so much already in place to keep the lines of communication flowing, tracking students and staff for days in quarantine, and following all the checkboxes in our heads, we knew we needed a solid protocol in place so no task is left unchecked.  

After several Google searches and trying out a few other methods, we discovered


We have protocols in place if students/parents report off campus symptoms and a checklist if they report symptoms while on-campus.

How this works:

We created a Student Protocol template.  As students are added into our system via a self-reporting form, we simply copy the template and rename it for each student in the process.  

1.  Assign a team member or members to complete the tasks.  They oversee that all of their tasks are completed for each student.   

2.  One of the best features of is that you can add text and files for each student you are tracking.  We added links to our Google Drive to access the exact letter aligned to the task.  We can also attach files.  You can attach the letter directly or you can upload a file.  This comes in handy to keep the student's documentation of lab results or parent communication.
This section below shows the image of the checklist for a student moving into quarantine or testing positive.  As you can see we have color-coded all the levels/sections of the template.  


The staff checklist functions in the same fashion as student's checklist except there are a few changes for returning to work and Human Resource needs.

I highly recommend some system if you do not have a tracking protocol in place.  We realized this helps us with accountability to be sure all areas were completed.  We certainly don't want to have an oversight in releasing a student or staff member back on campus without the procedures in place.


Create an active and nonactive folders to house all of your checklists.  This is a huge time saver!  Close out those cases/checklists that are no longer active, so they are not taking up space in your list.

There are a lot of templates available on  We couldn't find one for our needs, but there are a lot of ways to utilize this platform at your school.  


I know this system can become highly automated and send emails for you.  We aren't there yet in our setup.  If our needs change, we can always learn how to use this feature.  Everything can also be downloaded into a spreadsheet (shown below).  The possibilities are endless.

I hope you found this helpful.  If so, please let me know!



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