Turn Data Tables into Interactive Dashboards

Visuals are important when you need a quick glance at the data.  Your staff and community stay engaged longer when information is easily retained and accessible.  

Let me share with you how I went from a plain chart to a dashboard that updates in real time!

It is easy to take a simple google spreadsheet and transform it into an interactive chart that updates in real time.

Step 1:  Open any existing Google Spreadsheet.  

We are currently tracking COVID19 cases in the district.  However, you can use any spreadsheet that you currently have in your google account.

2.  Open Data Studios

  Click Choose Create Report (top left of the screen/dashboard)

3.  Choose Add Data

4. A selection of GOOGLE CONNECTORS will appear.  Click Google Sheets (if applicable to your data source)

5. Locate your spreadsheet from the list.  

For me, I chose School ISD COVID Tracker.

6. Use the text fields to draw text boxes and select fonts and color options.

7.  Select Your Data to Place in your Chart.

Here is the part that can be a bit tricky to figure out.  From the Available Fields section, drag your data into the type of graph you previously selected.  For example, I wanted to graph Active Student Cases and Active Staff Cases.   Therefore, I selected these two and dragged them onto the dashboard and right into the bar graph I selected.  If the graph does not satisfy your needs, simply delete it and pick another type of chart or remove some of the metrics/dimensions.

8.  Share Your Report

I wanted my report to be a "live" document on the district's website, so I used the link option to share it. Please note that if you download it in a PDF the document is not live.  However, if that is not a problem for you, PDF is a great choice.  

I am also thinking about the Schedule Email Delivery option for the future.  For some projects, it would be great to see the data either at the beginning or end of each week to see how it changes.

I hope you have enjoyed this short tutorial.  


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