Happy New Year Printables for Your Staff and CoWorkers

As you end this year and begin the 2021 year, it's a great time to look back on the moments of triumphs and appreciate those who made them all possible. I absolutely have the most amazing school family. My workplace feels like a second home. I hope you have the same feeling at your school or workplace.

Check out the printables below and celebrate the new year with your amazing school family.

If you are at a loss for ideas to celebrate the new year, let me share a couple of ideas here. The scratch off tickets are messy-free and really just Print and Go.

Print all of these items on cardstock for the perfect handout.

Happy New Year Printables for Your Staff and Coworkers


Scratch off cards are not hard at all!  They do not require any messy paints.  All you need are the scratch off labels which are easily ordered on Amazon!  I always order the GOLD Round Labels simply because I love the color.  However, they also come in Silver.  I just recently discovered them in Glitter design too.  


1.  Door Prizes- Purchase several door prizes and number them.  Type the number on the scratch off.
2.  Jean Passes
3.  Try Again (not every card is a winner)
4.  Gift cards- Label your scratch offs to indicate a gift card- Sonic, Chick-fil-a, Target, etc...
5.  Late or Early Pass- Leave early or Come in Late to work

New Year Scratch Off Download


Create a One Word Bulletin board with your staff or students. This is a Retro/Vintage design.

Find focus and direction in the new year. This one word will encompass how each staff member wants to approach the new year. For example, Fearless, Relax, Focused, Giving, Purpose, Hope, etc...

Selecting the right word and keeping it at the forefront of the year is a step in the right direction. Make this year meaningful!

What's included:

Letters (8x11) ONE WORD

Numbers 2021 (4x5)

Individual cards- My One Word (White background, and Multi-colored)

My One Word Bulletin Board Download

I wish all of you a very happy new year for 2021!


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