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Currently, I am snowed in enduring the massive snow storm here in Texas.  This time has given me a jumpstart on my to-do list at work and time to share items with you too.  

Texas Snow (10-12 inches)
I feel like I live in Colorado, because we have real snow not just ice and sleet.

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Let's take a look at my recent creations.


If you struggle making a professional powerpoint and presentation, CANVA has some amazing templates. In addition, it can be used to record!  The steps are listed above and extremely easy.  


Creating your email signature doesn't have to be difficult.  I created a document that will give you step-by-step directions on how to build your designs in CANVA and Google.  The directions work best if you add your new signature in CHROME.  


Did you know that Google Docs has a new feature for Voice Typing? might be new for me?  I saw this feature a few weeks ago, and thought I would never use it.  I brainstormed over and over again about why this might be needed.  I feel like I am a very fast typer.  I think blogging has increased that over the years, so why would I need it?  But the more I looked into this feature, I noticed more people using it for note taking. They could listen to the presenter while the computer scripted the presentation.  It might be good to use in meetings for documenting conversations or scripting during teacher observations.

Something to note: It will not stop and form new paragraphs or end sentences unless commanded verbally to begin a new sentence or paragraph.  For more formal writing, I wouldn't recommend this.  However, I can find some use from using it and maybe you can too.

Let me know if you have enjoyed these new tech tips and tricks.  If you do, I will continue to share some each month.  

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