Create Engaging Graphics and Reports in Minutes

 Create stunning graphics to make your reports, slide deck, social media, and your dashboards come alive with real-time data.  

The process couldn't be any easier either.  Simply sign up for INFOGRAM and connect your data to begin building charts and graphs.  For me, I connected our Google Spreadsheet to it, and my charts will automatically auto-populate with the data.  As we update the Google Spreadsheet my charts will also update.  

Take a look.

1.  I started with Google Sheets which we update throughout the day.

2.  Within a few minutes of creating my account in INFOGRAM I had my first chart created.  You can brand all graphs, charts, and slide decks with your logo.  

3.  When the charts were complete, I added the infographic to our district's website.  You can simply do a link or embed the code.  (NOTE: If you need the data to automatically update, this requires the paid version.)  


Interactive charts and maps can add depth and intrigue to any article, presentation, or website. 

Simply publish your project, copy the HTML code provided, and paste it into the text editor of your CMS or the space provided by the tool you’re using. Here is how I shared my interactive charts online.


Slides is a place for creating, presenting and sharing slide decks – built perfectly for online interactivity. Begin by creating a new slide deck. Click to add an ‘iframe’ element from the editing menu. Then copy and paste Infogram’s fixed embed code into the box on the top left. Your Infogram chart will appear right in front of you.


We all know teaching maps, charts, and graphs is essential for all subjects.  Students struggle to interpret and accurately read charts across all subject areas.  Creating an account in INFOGRAM would allow teachers to create data for students to excel in this skill.  Infogram lets students and educators easily create charts, maps, and infographics for free. 


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